Posted on: 13-12-2012

Slick2D video tutorials

As some of you might have seen, I've been busy the last few weeks and for the few weeks to come.

Because of this I had some time to think about the gravity platformer, and have decided that the direction I'm taking it is not really that great for tutorials.

So what I have decided to do is that I am going to redo the gravity platformer in video tutorial format. It will also no longer be a crazy gravity puzzle game, but more a generic 2d platformer that will provide you with a skeleton for your own ideas. Because well, I don't think that many people are going to use gravity switching in their game :).

But before I do that, I will be creating video tutorials on the different features of Slick2D. Some video's might be covering features that were used in the gravity platformer tutorial series, but I'll be covering plenty of new topics and explain them more thoroughly.

I hope that you guys like the videos.

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